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Weak locks can lead to a burglary

If you've recently been burgled, the chances are that the thieves targeted your locks because they were weak. Sadly, on most older uPVC doors, the locks used were sub-standard and today's local petty theif knows this. They're easy to break, so the burglar is in within seconds.

If you've been burgled once, the chances are you may be targeted again, certainly if the locks you have in other doors around your home are of the same weak quality.

Remember, desipte successive Government's best efforts to curb local crime, break ins are still on the rise in Leeds and any theif will normally want the path of least resistance. Don't make it easy for them.

Make your home super-secure

When it comes to replacing these weak locks, we operate a highly respected service. Our post-burglary lock refit will ensure that burglars will think twice about trying to enter your home.

And it's not just door and window locks that we fit; we also carry out most window and door repairs through out the West Yorkshire area.

If you've been burgled, don't delay - get in touch with us immedately andlet us make your home as secure as it can be.

Call us today on Leeds 0113 370 9086 and let's talk through how we can helo to secure your home.

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